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It’s that time of year when we’re inundated with Best of Lists. The lists span from best album to best zoo and it can all be overwhelming. Or it can be a source of information and revelation. After reading a few lists and producing my own for fun, I couldn’t help but have a come to Jesus moment.

My mind went to that one time in 2016 when Beyoncé used Football to scare America. With the 2017 Super Bowl coming up, my mind can’t help but rank Beyonce as one of the best things about 2016. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times [for some very backwards Americans who think racism isn’t their problem]. Beyoncé can be categorized as an activist for being “unapologetically black”, as much as she is a cultural icon.

The best way I can describe her performance on that fateful Super Bowl Sunday is magical. You know the performance, the one where she had those chocolate women behind her like an army of #BlackGirlMagic as she artfully sang about love and justice. Since then, you’ve probably referenced “hot sauce in my bag swag” once or twice unless you’re a woman. In that case, then that was likely your anthem until the Formation tour hit a town near you.

If you haven’t cracked a smile reading this yet, then you’re likely in the faction of the population that wants Beyoncé banned. Football fans who disliked the infamous Formation performance also would like to see Pepsi boycotted as well as a NFL apology. That didn’t happen in 2016 and it likely won’t happen in 2017 either.

Publications worldwide had to stop the presses as the Texas born star set the world on its ear with musings of the challenges that face black love. Seeing the reactions across the world were far more telling however, as many people embraced black culture but not the black struggle. Nonetheless, Beyonce’s project garnered a lot of much deserved acclaim and no apologies are owed.

What is owed, is much respect the Mrs Carter for her courage to showcase such a personal project. Moreover, the imagery was provocative yet entertaining, especially given how the album was framed. And while the drama in the music was not the most fun, it was fun seeing the reactions from women surrounding the theme of #BlackGirlMagic. Certainly, everyone can carry that positivity into 2017.

by: Mike Jones



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